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Previously this was a service offered to our client's employees at the time when we were researching problems within their organisation, mainly to address concerns with our involvement. However it was found that this type of service was of benefit to employees long after our initial involvement had ceased. Although it maybe thought this type of service could work against the organisation the overall findings appear to show that this service is beneficial by providing early indication of future problems. Confidential counselling also provides a safe and protected framework for employees to discuss and disclose information about matters that have a direct and damaging effect on both themselves and organisation, such as.

· Harassment and bullying

· Assault or abuse by customer

· Theft and sabotage

· Fraudulent time and expense claims

It must be remembered that being party to these types of activities can have a very damaging effect on the employee and circumstances can make it very difficult for them to disclose the information to any other member of the organisation. Especially when the individuals concerned are more senior or appear popular within the peer group.


The service is conducted by telephone initially with the provision of a help-line number and an identification code for identifying the organisation. Counsel will be provided in this manner for as long as the employee requires it. However when a more serious problem arises and there is added concern for the employee our counsellors will endeavour to direct the employee to use the local services available such as their general practitioners counselling services if applicable.

As our network of councillors is increased we hope that we will be in a position for the employees to make personal visits to counsellors that we are able to recommend and are suited for the needs of the client.

The telephone counselling service is provided for an annual fee according to the number of employees to be enrolled in the service. There will also be a charge for the initial set-up of the service within the organisation, which will include a series of presentations to the employees to outline the counselling service and distribute contact identification cards. Experience has shown that the service becomes far more beneficial when launched in this manner. We will also provide literature that can be used for future new employees induction's as and when required.