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Our consultants can advise on a range of matters, which could or are having an impact on the psychological well-being of employees. Often much of our business comes from a point when a problem is being experienced.

· Poor performance.

· Rising absenteeism.

· High staff turnover.

· Falling profits.

Increasingly we are becoming involved in the stages before a change takes place.

· Assessing the potential of the impact of change on employees.

· Assessing the relationships within the organisation.

· Providing support and advice for forced health changes such as a no smoking policy.

· General assessment of employee's psychological health.


Generally when you request our services we will ask for a written communication which will outline the problem and a synopsis of events within the organisation over the previous two years. All communication will be treated in the strictest confidence. From this document we will determine if our services will be of use to you or if further details are required to complete this process. Once we have determined that the problem does fall within our current structure of expertise we will contact you to determine the most cost effective way of proceeding.

Normally the first point of cost is an on-site visit by one of our consultants to determine the most cost effective procedure to fully understand the problem and from which we then can make our informed recommendations. Further action will follow once you agree with our proposals for the cost effective procedures and pricing.

We always endeavour not to use a sledgehammer when the nutcrackers will do.