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We believe at Adver Health in providing a professional but above all cost effective service to our clients and customers whilst protecting the health of our own employees and associates. Therefore we have set up these web pages as a cost effective method in which to conduct our own research. Firstly, we would like your help in determining the amount of interest in our services beyond our current client base. Secondly, we would like feedback from individuals who through experience believe that our services would have been of benefit to them, had they had the opportunity. Finally we believe this method will be an aid for us to continue with our own planned expansion for eventual coverage for the entire United Kingdom and will be a useful means of communication and information as we develop the site in the future.

We hope you will find the content both interesting and useful. We will increase the amount of topics covered in our information pages with the passage of time and therefore it is hoped that you will become a regular visitor to the site


If you require any information about Adver Health and its services, or if you are a Business or Health professional who thinks their expertise will be of use to our organisation we will appreciate your communication.