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Confidential Counselling

Through our clients identification and recommendation we now provide a confidential service to employees, where they can contact one of our counsellors in order to discuss any problems that they are experiencing at work. This may be due to problems arising at home or from the work environment.

All communication between counsellor and employee are confidential. However when a problem is identified to be serious or the same subject is identified as a source of concern for a number of  employees, we will seek to gain permission to act for the employee in providing confidential feedback to the organisation in order to resolve the potential source of conflict.

All information will be treated as highly confidential and Adver Health will not disclose any details outside of the triad. We will offer advice about other organisations whose services may be used as a solution in resolving the problem but it will be up to the employee or organisation to act on this information.

Some organisations have been very wary of allowing employees access to this type of service. However the very existence of support for employees can be very beneficial to both parties by providing an effective and neutral platform from which to quickly resolve the potential of conflict and distress for employees and the knock on effect for the organisation.

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