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An organisation is a complex system in which its very existence depends on the individuals employed within it and is possibly better regarded as a living organism. A living organism such as the human body is a complex organisation of structures that are interdependent on each other for survival. When the health of any of these structures deteriorates it can have a dramatic impact on the entire organisation. As our understanding has developed we now realise that the indiscriminate removal of such systems can have a profound effect, which can disadvantage the entire organism throughout its life. Therefore wherever possible it has been shown that it is more cost effective to regenerate these structures. When removal is implemented from understanding it becomes far less invasive leading to better performance and faster recovery.

A powerful and early indicator into the health of an organisation is through the psychological well being of all its employees. In accepting this relationship between employee and organisation measures taken to improve psychological well-being will be mutually beneficial to the overall health of the organisation and individual alike.


We are a company that came into existence through the overwhelming need in organisations today to provide psychological support to their employees. The very nature of business today makes it vital that companies can adapt to an ever-changing environment. However change can bring about major problems that can hold back the organisation from truly achieving the intended outcome. This is because of the often-overlooked effects this can have on the individuals who are vital to the success of implementing the change.

Many organisations have learned the hard and costly way, that it is not sufficient to dispense with the services of individuals that do not successfully adapt to the change but it is better to invest less costly resources in assisting those individuals to meet the new demands and challenges of the change.

An organisation is a very complex structure with many facets and therefore change can have a far-reaching affect throughout all its employees even those who are not directly involved in the transformation.

We at Adver Health have been involved in research and consultancy to many different organisations from manufacturing to the Police service. We provide services that assist organisations to determine the psychological impact that their actions may have on employees. We have also expanded these services to include other situations where individuals may be at risk.

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We have but one life, and it is a very fortunate person that is content both at home and at work.

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