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Training for Adver Health is very much like the research phase by being undertaken in one of two ways. Firstly, directly when an organisation identifies a particular training need. Adver Health has a range of standard training packages which are ultimately intended to assist psychological well-being, although many maybe considered those which are usually used in business and management training programmes. There are also a number of training packages, which may not at first be considered as having any beneficial properties for certain organisations. Secondly, Adver Health also has the expertise to design new or adapt existing training programmes according to the need and recommendations following the consultancy or research phases.

Within Adver Health, although we do have extensive experience and knowledge covering a vast range of training programmes, we endeavour to supply the appropriate training for the identified need. Therefore, we will, as in the research phase, source the necessary expertise to provide the highest quality training required to address the identified needs. Experience has shown that in training it is very difficult to promise the most cost-effective solution, as this phase relies on successful conclusion by providing the best and most appropriate programmes for it's recipients and ultimately you the client.


Adver Health will submit to the organisation a detailed training proposal following an on-site visit by one of our training consultants. This will include a breakdown of costs and suggested programme of events and venue. When using a new or extensively modified training programme specifically targeting the identified organisational need it maybe necessary to pilot the training first, especially when there are large numbers of employees involved. Once established that you and we are in agreement that the training programme satisfies the requirement and is appropriate for yours and the recipient's needs we will commence the training phase.

Some of the Standard Training Programmes

§ Stress Management

§ Assertive Training

§ Communication

§ Time management

§ Teamwork

§ Power administration

§ Self-defence techniques

§ Self discovery