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Research for Adver Health is undertaken in one of two ways. Firstly, directly when an organisation has identified the need to investigate a particular research question? Secondly, following recommendations for an identified research question in the consultancy phase when a deeper and greater understanding needs to be gained and further investigation of the problem is required.

Within Adver Health, we do have extensive experience and knowledge covering a vast range of investigative techniques and methodologies. This includes both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Often we will use qualitative procedures due to the small amount of individuals involved in such investigations. However we believe in delivering the most cost-effective solutions at every stage in which we become involved and therefore sometimes we will seek the best expertise for the intended research from among a number of associate researchers.


Adver Health will submit to the organisation a detailed research proposal with a breakdown of costs and time-scales prior to undertaking the research. All information supplied to Adver Health by employees will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the organisation, save in the form of the collective findings in the final research report. Adver Health at all times will realise its ethical commitments to both the individuals taking part in the research and to the organisation.